Izzy asks Why?

What should have been a peaceful search for an elusive trumpeter swan, takes a dark turn. A sudden trauma catapults Izzy into shock and triggers a determined quest for answers. While combating the inner pain of loss and fear, she is propelled by a passion for figure skating. She bravely pushes through the physical pain of competitive training. A special relationship with her grandpa and family dynamics impact her journey. A surprise turn of events reveals a new supernatural awareness and charts a direction where unexpected joy is just beginning!

The book has 27 breathtaking illustrations, is 8.5x11″, has 36 pages, and is for children/youth, ages 7 and up.

For a limited time, buy a soft cover book and you can buy an 8x10 art print at 50% off. (The art print would be an illustration from the book, options below.)

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  • Soft Cover Book $19.95 CAD
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  • Art Print 8 x 10″ $10.00 CAD

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About the Author

Susan Farrow Milner is a professional artist with over thirty years of experience creating watercolour and acrylic paintings. She has exhibited in group and solo gallery shows in various cities across Canada and has been a keynote speaker at conferences. Her uplifting paintings are beautiful, symbolic and thought provoking. She approaches each painting with a well researched theme and often includes an insightful description with each work. Her narrative style and focus on art with a message made the crossover to illustrator and author of children’s books a natural fit.

She began the journey to publication eight years ago with the goal of inspiring youth through an adventure story set within a difficult reality. Motivation came from her own enjoyment of books, love of children, the experience of homeschooling her two daughters and her own upbringing. Susan believes children are capable of deep emotion and some complex thinking even at a very early age. Whether writing or painting Susan strives for excellence and finds great joy when her work touches others.

Susan resides in Edmonton and received her Bachelor of Art Education from Queen’s University.

Anisette Gent

Former Olympic Figure Skater and coach at
the Royal Glenora (Skating) Club, Edmonton

“We all experience loss at some point in our lives, young or old … and I really enjoyed how you brought it out in the story. Young people don’t understand the unfairness of it and why, which there is no answer to, but through the story you gave them a way to find comfort… I relate to this story as I went through loss in my family as a teenager and skating was my way to cope with it, my happy place, and a way to make sense of it. [The book is] real and even though life can feel scary it gives us hope and puts a perspective on reality.”

(Image) “Trumpet Finale” from the book.

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